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Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Spring Break, Procrastination and Japanese Civilization


dead last night.
I walked through and back for exercise-
to get out after day inside,
with no desire to drop in
to usual spots
but did look in
to see them empty,
did listen around
to hear no music
along silent streets
shared with the few
who looked to want to be revelers-
ducking in
slipping out
of near-empty spaces,
as if chance might find them
in one spot
at same time
to bring spot and them alive.
Not I.
Not this evening that felt like Sunday morning
at the city's resting core,
resting from nights and months of vibrancy.
This is the week we call Spring Break.
Students go away.
Old ones go together.
Young ones tow parents
or parents tow them
to ski slope or canyon across the mountains
or to a beach in Mexico or Hawaii.
We do not partake.
We seldom partook.
Each year I looked up
to notice my children at home,
my friends on the road. 


Perhaps good things do come to him who waits
as it came to me in my Japanese Civilization class,
one class I will always remember from college.
I arrived to class as the only student
who did not know it was exam day.
Too embarrassed to speak out,
I spoke to myself:
I must tell the professor
I am not prepared.
Tell him before the exam.
Then, after the exam.
Well, next class.
Upon entering (but he is too busy).
Upon leaving (but he is occupied).
Next time.
For sure.
I will find the nerve.

But now it would be too embarrassing
I have waited too long to tell him.
There were questions from a chapter I did not read.
I should not have taken the test.
I want to apologize
(in advance)
for my grade.
I must tell him.
To hell with embarrassment!
I will tell him,
--next class.

Cowardice deserves its own punishment.
Ah, but what reward cowardice.
The test came back, marked "A"
My second "A" in 4 years.
Perhaps preparation is over sold.


 I used to fear I was a bad father,
lousy husband,
for not thinking ahead
to whisk my family off someplace.
I noticed I loved it.
By luck and lack of preparation
I had done the right thing
to stay home
to give and take attention
with family and neighborhood.
We ventured out onto nearby paths
over neighborhood walks
under gorgeous spring sun-
sometimes over beautiful spring snow.
Spring after spring
Destination by procrastination
--via Japanese Civilization--
indeed, I love Spring Break.

(c) from date of posting, by Bob Komives, Fort Collins 

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