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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Departing Child

December 31, 1966: He joined another to form a new family.
He left this note in hands of the two who formed his family
on an earlier day.

When I try to thank two people
who have given life and self
to my life and self,
what do I thank you for?

The nightly noisy dinner table,
where problems large and small
were settled by loudness of voice
and strength of numbers.
The pay-day ice cream.
The childhood freedom
to cross streets, hike to parks, to get lost.
The punishment of misdeeds only immediately after the act.
Your support for each other.
These have been important;
thank you.

Thank you for your self respect;
You show me the importance of being me.
Thank you for living to the ideals of a child,
for your life of purpose and direction.
But, above all,
thank you for being human,
for confessing to human frailty,
for measuring what you are from what you do.
You show me how to love as well as measure.

You have given me a life of love,
household riots,
Christmas and Halloween.

I tried to paint your white house black
--your green door white.

Thank you,
I am happy.

Bob Komives :: Fort Collins © 2008 :: Thanks from a Departing Child :: ,0x05
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