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Friday, October 21, 2016

1 Bathroom, 5 Women, 2 Men

Indeed, it can be difficult to get into the bathroom in a 1-bathroom, 5-women, 2-men Household. I do not remember, however, any of us saying we wished we had two bathrooms. I'm not sure it ever occurred to us that was possible. To paraphrase the Dalai Lama and other wise Buddhists, if you don't envision a solution you don't have a problem. But we did have a problem, with six ladies in the house it was tough for a guy to ever get into the bathroom. 
"I'll only be a minute," 
would say the second sister to enter, 
before the first left, 
and before the third entered 
saying the same thing 
and so fourth
and so forth. 
The only advantage I had was that my room was right next to the bathroom, so I did not have to stand in the hallway to stare them down and complain when they hedged on their promises to get out quickly. 
My Dad was more convincing. When he wanted the bathroom he got it.

(c) from date of posting, by Bob Komives, Fort Collins 

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